Samurai Beat Roadmap

Thank you

If you are here, you probably own a copy of the game, so thank you! This project means a lot to me and I want to deliver your imagination samurai fantasy. I will work hard to polish and create more content for the game.

However, I committed an error and publish the app before I wished. That’s the reason I write this roadmap, to help you understand the status of the game and my goals with it.

From idea to implementation

Samurai Beat was born to fulfill the need of a Samurai Training Game. A game where you can perform as a legendary warrior and role play as your own samurai fantasy.

However, I wanted to embrace the traditions of tameshigiri and provide a more relisting feeling of slicing with a sword. This is why some of the mechanics may feel a bit odd at the first glance, like something isn’t right and doesn’t fit together.

So, after creating my tameshigiri practice game, I realize that it wasn’t fun at all. The game was slow pacing and didn’t have a precise way to taunt the player, here is when music came to play and swift the game concept while preserving the traditional aspect in place.

How to cut properly

If you try to cut with a sword, hitting it slowly or with not enough travel, and you feel isn’t right, I suggest cutting in a real scenario. It won’t work!

Try slicing moving all your body, raise your sword over your head and strike creating an arc motion moving not only your arms but also your hips.

Creating long anticipation is key to cut with a katana like show in the GIF.

Once you got the technique, you will probably stand in a combat position (one foot in forward and the knees slightly bend). That’s how you need to stand!

What comes next

From now on, the following features and content will be added.

  • 3 level of difficulty for every son (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • New songs with the corresponding levels
  • New environments and the ability to change between them
  • More particles on the song progression
  • Improved and detailed tutorial on how to cut every pattern

This and much more will be added soon, till then thank you so much for your early adoption, really, THANK YOU!